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Security Testing Course Curriculum

Security Testing Training course videos covers basics of security testing, Linux Commands,Information Gathering and Exploitation techniques for security testing. Course has been made to cater to all the aspects of learning security testing. It also talks about different installations which you have to do to learn security testing.

Getting Started with Security Testing

Training Video - 1

Duration 45 mins

Overview of Security Testing

  • Prerequisites for this Course
  • What is Hacking?
  • Introduction to Hacking
  • Is hacking legal?
  • Different hats/colors of Hacking
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Training Video - 2

Duration 30 min

Installation and Configuration

  • How to Download and Install VMware and Kali Linux?
  • How to update Kali?
  • Installing VMware Tools in Kali Linux
  • Install Kali on Mac
  • Going through the settings in Kali Linux and VMware
  • What are VMware Snapshots?
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Training Video - 3

Duration 30 mins

Creating Labs for Security Testing

  • Downloading and Installing Windows XP, 2000, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Downloading and Installing Metasploitable

Linux Commands

Training Video - 4

Duration 1 hrs

Basic Linux Commands

  • How to change directory in terminal?
  • How to find current directory?
  • How to clear terminal window?
  • How to create a directory?
  • How to list all the files in current directory?
  • How to create a empty file?
Training Video - 5

Duration 1:30 hrs

Intermediate Linux Commands

  • How to install and remove software?
  • How to create a text file using native Linux text editors (vim and nano)?
  • How to install a software via git?
  • How to Start a program in foreground and background through Terminal?
  • How to output the result to a file via terminal?
  • How to print in a file?
Training Video - 6

Duration 1:30 hrs

Advanced Linux Commands

  • What is shell/bash?
  • How to write shell scripts?
  • Creating Variables
  • What is the path variables?
  • What is and how to do command substitution?
  • Creating arrays, for loops, case, while select statement etc. in bash scripts


Training Video - 7

Duration 2 hrs

Networking Basics

  • What is IP Address? What is difference between IPv4 and IPv6?
  • What is TCP protocol?
  • What is DNS?
  • What is UDP protocol?
  • What is public and private IP Address?
  • What is DHCP server?
Training Video - 8

Duration 1 hr

Staying Anonymous

  • What is Tor and Proxy Chains?
  • What is Tor and Proxy Chains?
  • How check for DNS leaks?
  • Why HTTP is insecure protocol?
  • How to spoof a MAC address?
  • What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
Training Video - 9

Duration 1:30 hrs

Networking Advanced

  • How to do network packet analysis using wireshark?
  • What is wireshark? and how to use it?
  • Analyzing some major network protocols and services including TCP, UDP, IPv4.
Training Video - 10

Duration 2:30 hrs


  • Create outbound or inbound connections, through TCP or UDP, to or from any ports
  • How to Chat between 2 computers?
  • How to do File Transfer between 2 computers?
  • How to execute commands on the victim machine?
  • How to getting information on the open port for services running?
  • How to set up a relay?

Information Gathering

Training Video - 11

Duration 3:30 hrs

Information Gathering - Footprinting

  • What are hacking phases? What is footprinting and recon?
  • What is passive information gathering?
  • What is Google hacking?
  • What is whois lookup tool?
  • How to use social networking sites to gather information?
  • What are some social engineering attacks?
Training Video - 12

Duration 3:40 hrs

Information Gathering - Nmap

  • What is Nmap?
  • How to find all the computers on a network?
  • How to choose which ports and hosts to scan?
  • How to run a simple, a UDP scan, 3-way handshake scan?
  • How to scan the computer using SYN, SYN-ACK and ACK scan?
  • What are Nmap services?
Training Video - 13

Duration 2.30 hrs

Information Gathering - Enumeration

  • What is SNMP? How to Enumerate SNMP?
  • Tools used for SNMP Enumeration - snmp walk, onesixtyone, snmpulkwalk, snmptranslate
  • What is SMB? how to Enumerate SMB?
  • how to take advantage of SMB null sessions?
  • Tools used for SMB Enumeration - nbtscan, rpclient, nmap, smbmap, nbtstat, enum4linux, winfingerprint
  • What is SMTP? how to Enumerate SMTP?

Vulnerability Analysis

Training Video - 14

Duration 2.30 hrs

Vulnerability Analysis - OpenVas and Nessus

  • What are some different vulnerability scanners?
  • How to install and configure OpenVas, Nessus, Nexpose?
  • How to use OpenVas and Nessus?
  • How to configure the scan in OpenVas and Nessus?
  • How to add and remove ports from a scan?
  • How to schedule and run the scan in OpenVas and Nessus
Training Video - 15

Duration 2.5 hrs

Vulnerability Analysis - Nexpose, InsightVM and Nmap

  • How to use Nexpose and InsightVM?
  • How to configure the scan in Nexpose and InsightVM?
  • How to add and remove ports from a scan?
  • How to schedule and run the scan in Nexpose and InsightVM?
  • Explaining the reports generated by scans in Nexpose and InsightVM
  • Generating an Executive Report in Nexpose


Training Video - 16

Duration 1 hr

Exploitation - Metasploit Introduction

  • How to install and start Metasploit in Kali?
  • Checking connection with Metasploit database.
  • Creating a new workspace in Metasploit
  • How to integrating Nmap with Metasploit database?
  • Running Nmap service discovery in Metasploit
  • Using Nmap Metasploit Database wrapper
Training Video - 17

Duration 3.5 hrs

Exploitation - Assembly Language and Buffer Overflows

  • Introduction to Assembly Language
  • What are mnemonic and operands?
  • What is endianess? what is difference between big and little endian?
  • What are registers, stacks and heap?
  • What is the difference between At&t and Intel notation for Assembly Language?
  • how to debug a program using GDB?
Training Video - 18

Duration 1.2 hrs

Exploitation - Buffer Overflow Advanced

  • How to install immunity debugger?
  • How to debug a program using immunity debugger?
  • What is fuzzing? how to do it via python?
  • How to exploit a buffer manually?
  • How to add modules in immunity debugger?
  • Getting payload shellcode from msfvenom
Training Video - 19

Duration 1.5 hrs

Exploitation - Metasploit Advanced

  • Hacking SLMail 5.5 through Metasploit
  • What is the difference between staged and non-staged payload?
  • How to create Portable executable through Metasploit?
  • How to achieve anti-virus avoidance?
  • What is encoding? how to encode a payload?
  • How to create payload through msfvenom?


Training Video - 20

Duration 1 hr

Post Exploitation - File Upload and Download

  • How to upload and download files onto the victim machine using different methods?
  • How to upload using FTP?
  • Setting up FTP server
  • Downloading files non interactively
  • Using debug.exe, exe2bat, and exe2powershell to send files
  • Writing powershell scripting to download files
Training Video - 21

Duration 2.5 hrs

Post Exploitation - Privilege Escalation, Pivot and Backdoor

  • What are Privilege Escalation attacks?
  • How to Escalate Privileges in windows and Linux using locally run exploit?
  • Create a exploit standalone executable using pyinstaller
  • Privilege escalation of windows 7 via Metasploit
  • What is pivoting?
  • How to do pivoting through Metasploit?


Training Video - 22

Duration 1 hr

Wireless Attacks

  • How to connect to VMware machines with wireless adapters directly?
  • How to put wireless adapters into monitor mode?
  • How to hack into wireless network (WPA2-PSK)?
  • What are the security flaws of open network?
  • How to get credentials from unencrypted communication between to machines?
Training Video - 23

Duration 3.5 hrs

Password Attacks

  • How are passwords stored? Different Ways of storing the passwords?
  • What are hashes? what are different formats of hashes?
  • Getting the hashes from windows and linux?
  • Using John the ripper to crack the password?
  • What are the different modes of John? single, wordlist and incremetal mode.
  • What are mangling rules? how to to add mangling rules to john?
Training Video - 24

Duration 1.5 hrs

Website Attacks -SQL Injection Part 1

  • How to install Mutillidae and Xampp in windows 10?
  • updating mutillidae in metasploitable2.
  • What is SQL? Some basic commands - Select statement, where clause, orderby clause etc
  • How to install mutillidae in kali?
  • What is SQL injection? what are the basics of sql injection?
  • What are tautologies in sql injection?
Training Video - 25

Duration 1 hr

Website Attacks -SQL Injection Part 2

  • What are union based sql injection?
  • How to find corresponding values for each column?
  • How to get all the table names?
  • How to get all the column names?
  • How to get the values of those columns?
  • How to increase the text value of the text box?
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